The symposium

Organised by students, for students

AutonomIT is this year's annual symposium organised by the SNiC foundation. As every year, this symposium is aimed at teaching students about a topical theme in the field of Computer Science. The students attending this year's symposium will get to know everything about autonomous systems. Within the field of Computer Science autonomous systems are quickly gaining ground. Even in your daily life these systems are encountered everywhere. More and more machines are equipped with sensors and computers are becoming increasingly intelligent. Fully self-driving cars are already a reality in labs and cars on the roads are packed with technology which makes driving near to autonomous. The need of human intervention is becoming something of the past. These and more subsections of the field of autonomy will be thoroughly discussed during the symposium.


— The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.(Plato)

To make sure that the attendees get the most up to date information about the new technologies we invite the most interesting professionals in the field. Only the best of them will get the plenary slots, opening and closing the symposium. However, to fit everybody's personal needs we introduce the element of choice. Three dual sessions will be held, where two separate talks will be given. You will be able to choose the one that is most appealing to you.

You will able to register to the talk of your choice on this site in a few weeks, so check back soon.


Some practicalities

We hope we got you exited for our symposium. If we did, you might be interested how to get your tickets, when the event takes place and where to be at that time.

Who. The SNiC foundation is a collaboration between the study associations De Leidsche Flesch, A-Eskwadraat, via, Sticky, Thalia, Inter-Actief, Cover and GEWIS. Members of these study associations can buy tickets for the symposium. Moreover, this year the students of the associations STORM and CognAC are also invited as they might join our foundation in the near future.
The tickets will be available at these associations from the 1st of October. Please direct questions about how ticket sales will happen to the board of your association.

When. The symposium will take place at 23 November 2015. It will take a full day of your time, but no worries, we checked to make sure that is does not collide with any exam weeks at the universities. We would not want you to miss any of your exams.

Where. For the first time ever a SNiC symposium is hosted in Eindhoven. Where we usually choose a location in the central part of the country, we have now chosen the Evoluon in Eindhoven (look inside). This is one of the most awesome ventures in the Netherlands and will definitely contribute to an inspiring atmosphere at the symposium. For those that live far away we organize bus transfers leaving from your university campus.